Man’s Medical Condition Makes Him Intoxicated Without Drinking Alcohol

Several songs and couplets have been made on lovers feeling tipsy without consuming alcohol and just by looking in the eyes of their beloved.While that could happen if people are ‘drunk’ on love, there is also a medical condition where people can get intoxicated without being high on alcohol.

The condition is called auto-brewery syndrome (ABS) and it is the reason why 62-year-old Nick Carson is drunk after consuming cake, not alcohol.

In ABS, the internal microbes of the body ferments the carbohydrates consumed by the person. As a result, the ethanol which is produced gets absorbed by the small intestine and increases the blood alcohol level making the person intoxicated without drinking alcohol.

There are many reasons that cause ABS. Some of them are pre-existing conditions like diabetes or genetic variations, prolonged consumption of antibiotics or diets high in carbohydrates.

Nick got ABS when he was exposed 20 years to strong chemicals at work, reported LadBible.He lives in England’s Lowestoft in Suffolk and owns a cleaning business.

The first time Nick understood that he might be having this condition was when he started feeling unwell after working on a floor at work. When he reached home, he passed out soon after complaining that he was feeling unwell.Just like the rare condition, the diagnosis of it also happened in a manner that is unheard-of.

Nick was watching an episode of the British medical comedy series Doc Martin which had an episode based on ABS when his wife Karen thought that this could be the reason behind Nick’s intoxication.

Over the years, Nick has tried to manage the condition which often leaves him craving for a Victoria sponge cake. The man has tried to control the triggers that cause him to consume carbohydrates. He is on a keto-diet but says it is difficult to completely cut off carbohydrates.

Describing the problems he faces, Nick said, “I can go from being stone cold sober to being three times over the driving limit in a matter of minutes which is quite scary.”He has to carry a breathalyser at all times, using which he monitors the level of alcohol every hour. Nick equates this to ‘tap dancing on a minefield.’

His wife Karen records him, if and when Nick gets intoxicated. This is done to monitor Nick’s condition who feels that the ABShas attacked his sense of self.The ABS sufferer wants to spread awareness about the condition that leaves him intoxicated. He says that knowing more about ABS has helped him manage it better.

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