Watch: Artist Creates the Mighty Hogwarts Castle Using Sand, Viral Video Leaves Netizens Spellbound

A sand artist has taken the internet by storm in his latest video in which he built the Harry Potter’s famous Hogwarts school castle from sand. Posted on January 6 on his Instagram handle, the short time-lapse video of the entire process was posted by sand artist Leonardo Ugolini along with a ‘twist of magic.’

Captioned as ‘The Magic Tool’, the video features Ugolini wearing a TikTok shirt and using a bucket and shovel to make the towers of Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. After the completion of one tower, he uses a wooden stick as a magic wand and after each spell, other parts of the castle ‘magically’ appear on the screen. The water body around the castle also changes its colours with each spell.

After it is completed, he says, “and then we fly,” and Ugolini’s miniature version can be seen flying around the Hogwarts castle on a broomstick in a similar way as a wizard or witch will. In the background, we can hear the Harry Potter theme playing.

Watch the video here:

It has been viewed more than 19000 times with more than 600 likes and netizens are drooling over his skills. A user wrote in the comments that Ugolini is an amazing artist and took a bow while another called the artwork ‘magnificent’ and said that the artist is a ‘personality with a good strong thoughtful heart.’

Users online are impressed with his skills put in a ‘spell’. The end results are surely to remind you of the fantasy world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, which became an instant hit among the children. People couldn’t stop themselves from showering their love on his skills and called him an ‘incredible artist.’

The sand art is strikingly similar to the actual Hogwarts building shown in the super hit series Harry Potter, authored by JK Rowling. The books became immensely popular and were critically acclaimed as they dived into the world of wizards, magic and friendships. The Harry Potter fans are known as Potterheads around the world and it has grown into a well-known community.

Leonardo Ugolini has over 15,000 followers on Instagram and over 35 videos of previous sand sculptures, which are guaranteed to take your breath away. The precision and amount of effort he puts in one artwork is seen in each of the piece. In a previous video, he carved out a forest on a sand. In another video, he has built a sand castle with detailed work surely to leave you speechless.

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