Pakistani Singer Composes Song for Farmers after Getting Inspired by Protests in India

The farmers’ protest in India has received support from many artists in the Punjab entertainment industry and also from several Bollywood stars. Many celebrities have urged the government to listen to the concerns of farmers and allay their fears, including Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Swara Bhasker also recently attended the protest.

Now, Pakistani artist Jawad Ahmad has created a song for the farmers of the world. Titled Kisana, the song which was released in December 2020, has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube. Several reaction videos on the song have also been released.

Speaking about the song, Jawad said that a right’s movement of farmers is required all over the world. He shared that the situation of peasants in Pakistan is also miserable, reported The Times of India.

Jawad said that he made the video after seeing how the farmers’ movement in India which is getting recognised by farmers across the world. The lyrics of the song say, ‘Uth Utaan Nu Kisana Hunn Tu Jeena Aay, Polia Tu Jag Da Ann Data Teri Sohni Tarti Maata Tu Jag Da Tu Jag Da Palan Haar Hunn Tu Jeena Aay, which roughly translates to peasants need to rise and that they are the providers of the world.

The song mentions that farmers are the ones who give food to judges and police officers so the community is powerful while others are their servants.

Sharing the video on his YouTube channel, Jawad wrote that it is a revolutionary song for peasants so that they can be inspired and motivated to struggle for their rights. Jawad has dedicated this song to the global peasant movement.

In an emotional display of cross-border love, Sandeep Singh said that he loves this song and he is from India but loves Pakistan. A user from Pakistan said, “Sikh brother zindabad love from Pakistan.”

Another YouTube user Gurvail Singh Dhillon thanked Jawad for supporting farmers and said, “Love from East Punjab.” One fan of Jawad also said that he is “criminally underrated.” The fan went on to call him a better singer than Pakistan’s Atif Aslam who is one of the most popular singers in both India and Pakistan.

The farmers’ protest in India started against the new farm laws and is going on for over a month now. Reportedly, 70 people have died during the ongoing protests. Several rounds of talks have happened between farmer unions and the government, however, a solution does not seem in sight.

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