Indo-Bangladesh border is a very sensitive border: Border Security Force

Guwahati: Border Security Force (BSF) stated Indo-Bangladesh border is a very complex border as the population lives in close proximity on both sides of the border and has ethnic and cultural similarities that make it sensitive which poses a serious challenge to guard the border.

Rajesh Kumar, Inspector General frontier Headquarter on Monday said that the socio – religion – politic dynamics of bordering Districts of West Bengal and Assam differs to each other resulting in different security scenario. Guwahati Frontier, Border Security Force apart from manning Indo-Bangladesh International Border, also deployed 14 Company for NRC/CAA/ Internal Security duty in Assam.

During the last one year (Period between 1st Jan’ 2020 to 31st Dec’ 2020), total seizure worth Rs 20.70 Crores (approx.) consisting Cattle Heads, Phensedyl, Yaba Tablets, Sukhi Tablets, Ganja, Opium, Others Contraband items etc were seized.

Two Anti Human Trafficking Units are established under Guwahati Frontier. Relations between the two Border Guard Forces of India and Bangladesh are cordial and both of them are putting in their best efforts to promote bilateral relations.

This mutual understanding and cooperation between BSF and BGB has helped in resolving many border issues on the border besides maintaining peace and tranquility. As a gesture of goodwill and on humanitarian grounds, a total of 12 Bangladeshi nationals crossed border inadvertently were handed over to the Border Guard Bangladesh.

Kumar added that day and night SCPs (Simultaneous Coordinated Patrols) are being carried out by Border Security Force and Border Guarding Bangladesh (BGB) to control smuggling & trans-border crime and to maintain peace and tranquillity along the International Border.

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