Twitter Modifies ‘Retweet’ Option with New ‘Quote Tweet’ Feature, But Netizens are Disgruntled

Microblogging website Twitter has brought a sophisticated system of retweeting and users are not ready for it. The recent changes have come in view of the crucial Presidential elections in the United States.

With the recent change, users will have to ‘Quote Tweet’ every time they want to retweet something, unlike the earlier version where users could simply just retweet without adding their thoughts.

Earlier, a Twitter user could simply retweet a post or quote it to add their own views but the recent update urges users to add their own message before re-posting the tweet. Whenever a user would want to retweet a tweet, the microblogging platform will pull up the ‘Quote Tweet’ composer box to encourage them to add their own message.

However, users can still opt to simply retweet, but the platform is hoping that the extra step will increase the likelihood that people add their own thoughts, reactions and perspectives to the conversation, the platform said in a blog post.

The new rules have also given way to a lot of confusion as the microblogging platform has been flooded with memes and jokes as users try to figure out the new RT rules.

Some of the introverts who just want to amplify a tweet they liked or want to draw their attention are feeling a bit attacked by this update. Some of the users are asking Twitter to go back to its previous settings as soon as possible. As one distressed twitter user commented, “Please change it back ASAP.”

Some others are restraining from updating their Twitter apps on phones to avoid the ultra-sophisticated method and simply enjoy the good old days. One user commented, “Thank God my Twitter hasn’t updated.”

There have been some strong reactions as well as users are also threatening to delete the app if they are forced to express their thoughts. “I’m never updating. And if I’m forced to I’ll just delete the app lmao,” said one user.

While the difference is not very significant, Twitter is hoping that by introducing one extra step in retweeting, people will re-consider exactly what they’re retweeting or better, take the opportunity to provide some context. The changes will stay on till at least the end of election week.

Starting today, clicking retweet will pull up the Quote Tweet composer to encourage user to write something before they retweet anything. While users can still retweet without writing anything by just clicking ‘Retweet’ like they normally would, the step automatically encourages them to write something with the retweet. Usually, clicking the retweet button directly retweets anything. In order to write something with the Tweet, users normally have to select the ‘Quote Tweet’ option after clicking retweet.

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