WATCH: Priest Raises Hand to Give Blessings, Kid Finds it the Apt Moment for a High-Five

The beauty in a child’s innocent act has few parallels. One such episode was shared by former basketball player Rex Chapman on Twitter on Wednesday. Chapman posted a video showing a little girl accompanied by her mother going up to the priest of a church. When the father raises his hand to bless the child, the girl instinctively smacks a high five. She just knew what to do! Following the girl’s innocent gesture, the father almost broke into laughter, barely able to hold himself back, covering his face with his hand.

“Father is saying a blessing. The innocence of a child. They’re trying not to laugh. Best thing you’ll see today,” wrote Chapman on the post.

The 18-second clip made using Tik Tok has gone viral on Twitter. The post has been viewed 1.8 million times and has received more than 27 thousand likes. It has attracted some fine comments too. Let’s check out what Twitterati have to say about the video.

“Rule number one of high fives: never leave someone hanging,” rightly pointed out one user.

“That was adorable. I really thought the priest was gonna lose it and start laughing,” wrote another user.

“Up top! Don’t leave a padre hanging.”

“LOL! See, even in a church setting we need a little levity. I’m sure the good Father will relate this funny little story to some of his fellow priests,” wrote a user, to which another replied, “LOVED this. Father is having a serious problem finishing. So good to see.”

“If you weren’t taught, at a young age, to give a high five to every open hand presented, then you weren’t raised right.”

This meme shows Jesus agreeing with the kid.

A user named Danny Hughes shared a GIF showing a similar incident. In this one, a child walks up the stairs of the church to high five a priest who had raised his hands to bless the approaching kid.

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