WATCH: Burglar Crawls On All Fours to Get Into House, Comes Face-to-Face With Cat

Screengrab of Facebook video.

He crawled like a cat on all fours around the house situated at Priory Road in West Bridgford.

Dogs have been known to protect their owners from burglary with their ultimate loyalty and sense of detecting threats but a recent video on Facebook has proven that even cats can do the job.

A video from the English county of Nottinghamshire shows how a burglar who was trying to enter a house sneaking in like a cat was faced by the OG at the entrance. The CCTV footage of the incident was posted on Facebook by the Nottinghamshire police which has left netizens quite impressed with the ginger cat.

The police described the intruder as a “would-be cat burglar” who was caught on camera coming face to face with real life cat. The burglar was wearing a woolen hat and a scarf over his face and fled the scene after the alarm was sounded. He was soon arrested.

The police identified the 42-year-old burglar as Mark Lawson who was being carefully watched by the “feline” for his suspicious way of entering the house. He crawled like a cat on all fours around the house situated at Priory Road in West Bridgford. As Lawson crept around the back yard of the property on his hands and knees he can be seen coming face-to-face with the family protector who peered at him through a glass door.

According to the police, Lawson was also being watched by the homeowner, who had already called the police after being alerted. The incident had taken place in March this year but the video was shared this week.

Last week, Lawson was sentenced to 12 months in prison by the Nottingham Crown Court and was suspended for two years after previously admitting to a charge of attempted burglary. The intruder was also sentenced to a total of six months in prison, suspended for two years, for three counts of handling stolen goods.

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