Leopard Cub Spotted Near Buffalo Shelter at Mumbai’s Aarey Milk Colony, Video Goes Viral

A leopard cub recently entered a buffalo shelter in Mumbai’s Aarey colony. The cub was spotted by locals on Tuesday morning who then tried to chase it away from the shelter. Leopard sightings are not uncommon in Aarey, which acts as a buffer zone between the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Mumbai city.

The video has been shared by news agency ANI and several individual Twitter handles on Twitter.

The locals can be heard shouting at the cub while he is near the chained buffaloes.

Another user NikitSurve, whose Twitter bio says he is a Wildlife Biologist, shared a different video of the incident. In this video, the cub can be seen running away from the area.

In his tweet, Nikit wrote that the cub, buffaloes and people were scared but he appreciated the locals for not blocking the cub’s way so that he could leave.

The video was shared by Twitterati, and as usual, had many reactions to the incident.

One user said that it was good that humans did not injure the cub and realised that they were in the territory of the animal.

Some were concerned about the condition in which buffaloes are living in

Aarey Milk Colony. One user said that she was worried about the buffaloes and asked why they were tied so tightly.

According to a Mid-Day report, owner of the buffalo shed, Farhan Patel suspects that the leopard cub was either chased by dogs or had lost his way and perhaps that is why he took refuge in the buffalo shed.

When the workers from the buffalo shed informed him that a cub had entered the place, he asked them not to disturb the animal and guide it back to the forest.

He said, “Aarey Colony is a forest and so sighting leopards is quite common for us.” The workers at the buffalo shed then guided the cub back to the forest.

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