5-Year-Old Daughter Mistakes Mom’s Lube for Sanitizer, Takes It to Primary School

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The mother was concerned if the teachers had seen her daughter using the lube to sanitise her hands.

Covid-19 pandemic has made hand sanitisers an essential part of our lifestyle. Stepping outside the home, everyone carries a sanitiser to protect themselves from the infection.

However, this hygienic practice turned a nightmare for a mother who discovered while washing her five-year-old daughter’s coat that the little girl had been taking the bottle of a sexual lubricant to her school instead of a hand sanitiser, reported The Sun.

The confusion happened because of the similarity in the name of her daughter and the brand of the bottle. As per the mother, the girl named Summer assumed that the lube bottle belonged to her because she saw the name Ann Summer on the ‘Heat Wave’ lube. Ann Summer is a UK-based company that is known for making lingerie and sex toys.

Summer’s mother, 36-year-old Louise Hosie was mortified when she discovered the lube bottle in the pocket of her daughter’s school uniform.

When Louise asked Summer what she was doing with the item, the girl innocently replied that she was sanitising her hands as she did not want to get germs. It turns out that the child not only used the lube herself but also shared it with her friends at school to ‘sanitise’ their hands.

The mother was concerned if the teachers had seen Summer using the lube to sanitise her hands but assumed that the teachers must have confiscated the lube had they seen it.

Louise and Summer are from Livingston town in Scotland.

The lube which gave a scare to Summer’s mother was actually a prize she won in a balloon pop organised by Ann Summers. She was also given a few perfumes along with it. The mother now says that she plans to tease her daughter once she turns older with this funny and embarrassing story.

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