US Rock Band Hosts Socially Distant Concert with People Inside Human-sized Plastic Bubbles

Creative artists from the United States have found an innovative way of conducting concerts amid the pandemic and they are winning the internet.

Using inflatable human-sized plastic bubbles for the audience and themselves, the Flaming Lips rock band from Oklahoma City made sure that their fans had fun and maintained social distancing norms at the same time.

The band hosted a concert in their hometown while ensuring minimal risk from the deadly coronavirus which has claimed over 1,118,361 lives worldwide. Both the band and audience members were inside their own inflated plastic bubbles to maintain appropriate distancing during the performance.

The Flaming Lips’ vocalist Wayne Coyne shared an image of him singing from the inflatable bubble as the audience below him were also inside their own protective bubbles. The image has received over 17k likes as netizens praise the innovative way of conducting concerts given the circumstances 2020 has presented us with.

“Love this so much”, commented one fan. While another user said, “Life imitates art.”

Coyne also shared an image where the bubble concert was compared to a 1970 concert showcasing the difference between two eras. In the 1970 image, the singer could be seen lifted by a crowd in a concert while in 2020 the concert was being held in this unexpected way.

Some of the fans who could not attend the concert, commented, “The worse thing about the pandemic is not being able to see this amazing band.” Another fan said, “This is awesome!!! Go Wayne!!!”

Their performances in bubble were first revealed in June, when they appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Ahead of the show, Wayne told Brooklyn Vegan before that initially the idea seemed absurd and they were just doing it as not a joke but just as a funny thing, however, with the pandemic it had become serious and real. The band has also said that they are planning on hosting concerts with 100 bubbles in a 4,000 capacity venue sometime after the US elections.

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