Services of doctors linked to Hathras case terminated ‘without any reason’; varsity denies charges

LUCKNOW:A doctor who had highlighted the limitations of forensic test reports on the basis of which police had ruled out rape in the Hathras case, and another physician who had attested the medico-legal report of the victim have failed to get approval for serving an extended term as chief medical officers.

Azeem Malik and Obaid Imtiyaz, both alumni of AMU, were working as CMOs at JN Medical College (which is under AMU) in place of doctors who had fallen ill. ET has seen the termination letters which were issued to Malik and Imtiyaz on Tuesday. A spokesperson for AMU said the termination had nothing to do with the events following the Hathras incident.

The two had been hired on “leave vacancy” and were later asked to discontinue their service since the doctors they were filling in for had resumed duty. However, Malik and Imtiyaz have alleged that their dismissal is due to the vice chancellor’s “displeasure” over the statement and a possible suspicion that the doctor who attested the MLC report also had a role in “leaking” it to the media, as the report was used by a digital news platform to refute the UP Police’s “no rape” claim.

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