Mumbai: BEST driver suffers heart attack while driving, hits vegetable shop

An accident took place in Mumbai on Tuesday (October 23) after a BEST driver suffered from heart attack. The driver lost control of the vehicle due to the heart attack and the bus hit a vegetable shop on the side of the road.

It is learnt that Bus Number 381 was going to Tata Power Centre in Chembur from Ghatkopar Station East. The accident took place at 10:45 AM at Basant Park near Chembur Police Station.

Around 10-12 passengers were present inside the bus when driver Haridas Patil suffered from heart attack, causing the accident. Patil has been admitted to Rajavadi Hospital in Ghatkopar. No one has got injured in the accident.

“When the bus arrived near the Basant Park signal, the driver, Haridas Patil, suffered a heart attack and lost control of the vehicle… It rammed into the signal there,” said BEST spokesperson.

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