Haryana Photographer Captures Incredible Silhouettes against the Sun Creating Optical Illusions

A photographer from India is going viral for capturing a series of images with the sun acting as the canvas and the focal point.

According to a report in Daily Mail, 21-year-old Sulabh Lamba from Rewari has snapped a number of incredible photos while the sun was setting in Haryana’s Goliaka.

The photographer who has 20.3k followers on Instagram describes himself as a ‘visual artist‘.

In an interaction with the publication, Sulabh said that once a guy had commented on a sunset image by him, stating that he is the photographer’s biggest fan and every morning shares his work with two-hundred people.

Among the images shared by Sulabh, one shows as if a person is sowing the Sun, while in another it appears to be sitting on an electricity pylon.

Another image clicked by Sulabh shows two people dangling from the edge of a sheer drop in such a manner that it appears that one of them is passing the Sun over to the other person.

In one of the photos clicked by the cameraperson, the essence of nature is beautifully captured as the silhouettes of two peacocks can be seen sitting opposite each other as the setting sun glows an ephemeral pink against the stark blue of the sky.

From quirky to profound and often thought provoking, the images by Sulabh capture a plethora of moods. A idiosyncratic image of a boy jumping over the sun or one where a person can be seen fishing for the star, to a haunting image of people photographing a victim hanging from a tree as the sun highlights the shadows of both the victim and the shooters, or even a profound imagery of a peacock ruffling its feathers against the setting sun, the solar system’s central star forms the crux of most of the photographer’s images.

Here’s taking a look at a few images by Sulabh:

Sulabh who first started taking creative images of the sunset around four years back does so with his Nikon D5300 camera.

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