Age is Just a Number’: Video of 87-year-old Mumbai Man Selling Recycled Bags Goes Viral

In the past few days we have witnessed how we can regroup and help each other, thanks to the power of social media.

Ever since netizens came together to help a small eatery ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ – run by an elderly couple in Delhi – there has been a spike of similar stories surfacing online. Another story of one such elderly man selling recycled bags has gone viral.

An 87-year-old street vendor from Mumbai, commonly known as Uncle Joshi sells recycled bags which he stitches himself from cloth material he procures from curtain makers and sofa makers or cloth left on streets.

Uncle Joshi’s story was brought to light by Twitter user Gauri (@ardor_gauri) and it went viral.

In her tweet, she posted the photo of the elderly man with his tote bags and urged netizens to buy bags from Uncle Joshi. The bags are priced between Rs 40 to Rs 80. She also emphasised that the bags are stitched by Uncle Joshi who sits near Phadke Road Dombivili, further requesting people not to forget to purchase at least one bag from him.

Many users have claimed that the photo is old and it is going viral again. Gauri’s post has managed an overwhelming response from netizens and it has garnered over 24,000 likes and close to 9,800 retweets.

Few users commented that Uncle Joshi comes from an affluent family, he stitches bags so that he doesn’t like to sit idle. Here’s a look at some of the other comments:

One user impressed by the elderly man’s entrepreneurial skills said that “Age is just number” and it cannot restrain true spirit.

“Sell these bags as “recycled” big shoppers online and uncle can make a decent amount of money out of it. I hope someone can help him out,” another user commented.

Another user appreciated the bags and urged someone to help Uncle Joshi to list his bags on online resellers like amazon or Etsy.

Uncle Joshi’s episode has once again proved that social media can be used as a tool to reach out and how people can come together in a wonderful act of solidarity to support the needy.

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